Why is Our Course Structured This Way?

Why is our course structured this way?

At SOAL, we have a slightly different take on learning and growth. In this post - we will create an outline of why we do the things the way we do it!

Meta-Learning Essentials - What do you need to learn before you learn?

Meta-learning essentials - What do you need to learn before you learn?

In the essentials series, we would refer to the uncanny ideas and assorted techniques that we believe in and implem

What Companies Look for in Software Developers?

What Companies Look for in Software Developers?

How could I become the best choice in an interview?

Much debated. Often invites atypical answers, none of which are truly useful for a

Why is an Immersive Experience Better Than an Online Course?

Why is an immersive experience better than an online course?

As a programmer, what should you pick to get a better career in the tech industry? An online course or an immersive bootcamp? W

How Jio Glass could change Remote Education in India

For the uninitiated, India’s Jio, part of the Reliance Industries conglomerate, announced a new mixed reality headset at its annual general meeting called Jio Glass. Jio Glass is a mixed reality (MR)

5 Kinds of Fonts and Where to Use Them

Using the right kind of typeface can often be challenging. Depending on your brand, audience and where the reader will read it, choosing the right kind of typeface will make a lot of difference to how

SOAL Student Experiences

SOAL Student Experiences

Learn more about SOAL and its program from its student graduates

If you’ve been researching about Coding Bootcamps and their impact on your tech career, you mig

The Optimal Learning Journey of Thought-Leaders

Thought Leaders. The term itself is symbolic of grandeur, success and ambition – more curated towards leading people from the front than following a written, cliched code of conduct.

The idea of be

Nurturing Thinkers – Thinking on a Problem Set

Code, Strategy and Management. Fields most often related to advanced, high-paying careers and more often than not, the most difficult fields to succeed in.

Aspects related to modern careers and le

Tech You Don’t Learn in College, But Should

There is a lot of tech that is taught in college, most of which isn’t used by the tech industry any more. In my experience and from what I have heard from colleagues as well, what is used is rarely ta

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SOAL learners take on challenges and like to solve them independently. Their first version is always an MVP, which they later build out. Lastly, they work hard and stretch themselves, which is especially important for startups.
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