Why is an immersive experience better than an online course?

As a programmer, what should you pick to get a better career in the tech industry? An online course or an immersive bootcamp? We’ve got an answer!

Programming is an arduous career. Amid errors, bugs, new technologies and changing landscapes, coders often have to deal with improving their skills.

However, there is one notion that bothers coders, both experienced and beginners alike. Where should we get started?

As it happens, there is not a particular resource that would let you polish your skills. Sure, you have Mozilla to go to, to learn up on web development. Beginners would also try their hand at thenewboston, Freecodecamp or Codeacademy. Some might even play with w3schools.

That said, for coders to actually get a better learning experience, online might not offer a feasible solution - especially when time is of the essence and the coder has to learn, a lot!

Thus, as a tech and learning school, we at SOAL have come up with some key points, that might help you ascertain why bootcamps tend to be the smarter choice for better tech careers - and might we add, for ambitious coders!

To start with, bootcamps differ in a singular segment. One word - Milestones. An immersive program offers you end-points, deadlines, updates and an incentive to keep up with your peers and per the expectations of the industry catalysts. A coding bootcamp’s intense experience also provides a direction as far as the curriculum and the industry experience goes.

Albeit self-ran, online courses, unfortunately, do not offer a semblance of order and purpose - which when you’re coding is as good as useless. Imagine learning concepts after concepts with no traction about their utility in real-tech landscapes, not working on problem sets and not coding with learned, passionate individuals.

75% of international employers think that bootcamp graduates are “just as prepared” to be high performers as those with a college degree

Moreover, with a bootcamp you have an assurance of running in tow with the best the industry has to offer - in terms of talent and skills. And as far as employment goes, bootcamp graduates, on average score better-paying jobs in better companies all over the world.

The tangible benefits added to the learning advantage gives an immersive bootcamp experience a leg-up over online courses.

Other than that, an immersive bootcamp experience is a different life on its own. You live, speak and breath in excellence and aspiration at the bootcamp campus. With your peers running towards a singular goal - a brilliant career - your focus and dedication can reach unprecedented peaks. Plus, you can network, learn, progress in your technical skills in a relatively shorter span of time. For instance, SOAL’s campus is located in Innov8, which happens to be a hot-zone for developers, change-makers and thinkers.

Imagine the inspiration, the live exposure and your dream career manifesting in front of you. In today’s competitive environment, an immersive experience gives you a tangible advantage for your career prospects.

An Immersive bootcamp usually last 2 months to 7 months where classes are held full-time - preferably in a self-run campus. As for the residence, the students can use facilities after class to review concepts and work on projects as well as interact with their peers and superiors.

Many intensive bootcamp students put in 80 hour weeks. To attend an intensive bootcamp, students must be prepared to give up their full-time job and limit outside activities for the course of the program. That said, the feasibility of immersive bootcamps leaves no doubts or concerns for aspirant students.

As for the main question - Will a 'Programming Boot Camp' Help You Get a Coding Job?

Through the hands-on training, industry exposure and experience - a coding bootcamp makes you the best option in terms of skills, knowledge and temperament in the industry. As a bootcamp graduate, your chance of scoring a high paying job are higher than you would have at even a good university.

Think about it. A bootcamp project. Experience of working with professional coders. Live industry exposure. Networking opportunities. Resume, interview and placement assistance. Post a bootcamp experience, you could probably be the best coder in an entire recruitment drive. Even a HR recruiter would value your experience and training above the regular crop and competition, let alone a tech guy.

So what do you think? Can your career ambition survive the intensity of an immersive coding bootcamp? Or would you rather go for the easier, slower way of achieving excellence in coding and your tech career?