Why is our course structured this way?

At SOAL, we have a slightly different take on learning and growth. In this post - we will create an outline of why we do the things the way we do it!

At SOAL, we have a slightly different take on learning and growth. In this post - we will create an outline of why we do the things the way we do it! There was a very cool and popular movie released back in 2014. The movie outlined the life of gamers playing DoTA2, the multiplayer competitive game. In the movie, there is a segue, where professional gamers in China are shown to live in gaming units - wherein they eat, sleep, train and excel in an environment similar to that of a boarding school (without the ill-referenced hardships).

That is essentially a system where you uptake collaborative learning with constant exposure to real-life situations.

Well, if it works for competitive gaming, then why not for code?

The structure at SOAL and the pedagogy we work on is based on a similar concept - working in line with catalysts and an excellence fueled environment that offers conducive growth.

That is a mouthful, isn’t it?

Simply put, the idea behind SOAL’s structure is based on 2 themes -

Learning code without the external stimuli of a professional, the exposure to real situations and without peer-to-peer contribution and support often is meaningless and less effective Learning without the concept of how to learn and without a contributive direction often misplaces learning making it more time and effort-intensive.

Thereby our approach. At SOAL, our pedagogy directly tries to tackle any impediment in the course of learning - creating a sphere of development with factors, each of which promotes, grow and shape the mindset of a student.

On the contrary, you could try to shape leaders and thinkers in a direction-less manner and in less-than conducive conditions (an online class, for instance)

The structure is the way it is based on several cognitive studies and researches, meant to improve a student’s journey in the course of learning. In addition to that, SOAL's business consultancy arm ensures that the programme works closely with industry and that students can “learn by doing”, in the process of solving real-world problems.

Still curious? Have a go at the life at SOAL -

  • Morning - Introductory sessions to tech concepts. These sessions are a mix of code along, group talks and presentations among others. Post the group sessions, you start pair programming with your partner.

  • Lunch - Energise yourselves at our lunches. Grab a quick bite, stretch out a little, play a game of Catan and make the most of this new bunch of crazies you have just met.

  • Afternoon - Get back to programming with your pair with some days peppered with sessions by our Catalysts. These sessions will not only deepen your understanding but also give you a sneak peek into what being a web developer, today, entails - preview of a life as a dev!

  • Evening - Enrich your thinking with our Meta-Learning sessions. You will be introduced to mind-blowing concepts that will open up your mind to new perspectives. The session will be delivered in groups and multiple non-conventional formats.

  • Late evening - Finalise your work and get onto sharing feedback with your peer group. Give yourself an overview of what you have learned in the day and read up for the next morning’s session.

  • After hours - Our campus is open 24 hours, every day. Although officially, the day ends at sundown, we encourage learners to stay back, deep dive into their code, help others or just make merry with their cohort and over 100 startups that work from T-Hub.

Carefully Curated, Effective and Sublime. That is how we describe our Product Engineering Program. And despite a push on the languages and the technologies, there is a coherent structure of learning that we’ve developed at SOAL - giving TEP a much higher-grade than your casual run-of-the-mill coding bootcamps.

At SOAL, it is not just about the syntax! Our pedagogy is primarily focused on creating thought-leaders of tomorrow - and not just strong coders with a brilliant GitHub repository. With a focus on meta-learning and growth mindset, our program creates the most comprehensive and holistic system of learning for a few select students - each of whom we nurture and build.

Go Meta with SOAL.