Learner Stories

Get inspired by some of our most creative learners, and allow us to toot their horns a bit while we're at it—toot toot!

The user & share project by SOAL students
Have a pile of items that you’ve bought and never used? Use & Share is the platform for you to connect with buyers to sell or rent these items out. The project took 8 days for completion with a team of 4 students.
Tech stack used:

I learnt to build multi-sided platform
A multi-sided platform giving access to both freelancers and project managers to connect with one and other to work together and form a community of like-minded souls.
Tech stack used:
Bridge Bali: the level editor as a project
A multilevel crowdsourced game where Bali, the protagonist collects tool to build bridges. The game’s USP is a Level Editor which let’s players create his own levels and release them for other game players.
Tech stack used:
Helping drivers prevent accident: Drowsy driver
DrowsyDriver is an AI-enabled smart product that detects if a driver is about to fall asleep, alerting and preventing fatal accidents. It uses face detection, and other complex algos to detect telltale signs of drowsiness.
Tech stack used:
“If there is one thing I must thank SOAL for, its the way they’ve taught me how to look at problems and then solve them with code”
Satish Kaushik
Was: Designer | Now: Senior Software Developer

Suresh Chintala
Now: Back end developer at NowFloats
SOAL’s curriculum is immersive, but what makes the real difference is the people that we meet there – peers and facilitators alike – every person is a learning tool, every individual is an orbit of inspiration. It’s a constant cycle of motivation, making each pupil feel like a contributing factor in the SOAL ecosystem.
Suma K.
Now: Product engineer

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SOAL learners take on challenges and like to solve them independently. Their first version is always an MVP, which they later build out. Lastly, they work hard and stretch themselves, which is especially important for startups.
Full Stack Team Lead
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